Men’s Dating Tips From A Woman’s Perspective

TMan holding surprise bouquet of roseshe internet may be full of dating tips for men, but none hit where it counts. Much of what is posted online give men tips based on a man’s perspective. For some, dating can be very unnerving and for others a chance to discover love. The truth is dating can be simple and fun when one knows how the dating cards are played. Most men tend to go at it driven by their egos, never doubting their capability of sweeping the lady off her feet on the first date. But that is where most men also go wrong.

Yes, sweeping someone off their feet on the first date is possible. However, taking things at the right pace giving full focus on the woman, doing little yet finding a way to impress her, and put a smile on her face work every time. That right might be some very short advice, but it says a lot of what men need to do. Here are some dating tips from a woman’s perspective that men should start to consider.

Always Be The Gentleman

Men think a gentleman is a guy who knows how to talk, walk, and groom. Well, these are the key traits every woman expect in a man. However, men at times take things a bit too far when trying to show the can be gentlemen. In the end, they come across as weak or needy. Every woman, even the so-called “independent” woman will settle for a man who knows how to hand a woman and still show he is in charge, ready to provide and protect her.

It’s A Game of Give and Take

The first date is very important; it will determine if there will be a second date or not. One of the things women look at when out on the date is who much the man is willing to say about who he is, how he carries himself, and if he can read female signals. Yes, women always send out signals that are more of a test. For instance, a woman might want to talk about her professional life to get the man to talk about his, or her interests for him to do the same.

Keep Past Love Interested Under Wraps

Men are viewed as masters when it comes to keeping previous love interest a secret. However, this tip goes to the few who never seem to get it right. They are the lot of guys who see the “welcome home mat” and open arms of a loving wife all on the first date. Such men will pour out their heart and even talk about how love and life have treated them. WRONG MOVE.

Many of the online dating tips for men do not cover this issue. No woman wants to go to such details on the first date. She wants to see if the man is fun, can hold a sensible conversation, and know what is expected of him as the man. She will get to know about his love life later on if he managed to get her to like him on the first date. Women know who to fish for information too, so men just keep it under wraps.

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